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*Our STORE directory contains 100000+ products and thousands of companies - click STORE in Top Menu and search (*Real world information may vary)

To promote ease of join, we added public profiles (like organizations, people in popular professions, lecturers, professors, head of organizations, etc. ) based on availability. But, we don't run individual accounts.

All the private information like emails, phone numbers, etc. of individuals are private by default.

All legal brand logos, brand names used in the website are for editorial or comparison purpose only. Infringement is strictly opposed. 


Please see the video in full screen along with sub-titles for the following queries (click "cc" at the bottom of full screen video)

  • How to create profile (manually or Facebook connect)
  • How to make sub-profile ?
  • How to add friend (connect) with other profile?
  • How to post requirement via poll?
  • How to add poll or any other item or status message from bottom menu?
  • How to set privacy?
  • How to see username?

After login, touch and hold any "profile photo" to see the below menu 



 1.    For pharmacists, retailer, stockist (distributor, C&F, super-stockist), marketing company, manufacturer or for other business  

  • Firstly, create ‘individual account’ (for yourself)

It can be done by clicking 'facebook connect' or manually by clicking 'join' on Home page. See above video for all details.

  • Secondly, manually create ‘non-individual’ account for your shop (Free for lifetime After account createion, Click "upgrade membership" in your "Account home". Add 'organization' membership by clicking "cart", and 'checkout' ). 
  • we recommended you to have above two types of accounts if you are doing any business. You are allowed to change easily from ''individual'' account to ''non-individual'' at any time. For doing this, go to Account home and click profile edit, change your account type to non-individual and full name to your shop name or any other business name or page name etc. Fill other details.
  • Link your 'non-individual’ accounts ('shop account') by filling 'username' of your 'individual' account while creating this account. Becareful or copy paste username for this purpose. 
  • Check by login with your 'individual' account. If any problem, contact us.

Uses: So it will be easy to login with your individual account and switch to any other sub-account.

Important: Do all activities (business related) with your 'non-individual' account.

Login or switch to your ‘’non-individual’’ (shop) account and Do the following activities

  • Connect’ (or Become friend) with your suppliers, customers or your associations on the network or companies. Whatever you post on timeline or add item, they may see based on privacy settings which you can control. Get a free "organization" membership. Watch below video
  • Search company profiles (click PROFILES in menu) to find companies you are interested.
  • Make a list of companies on a paper that you are currently engaged as stockist and add one after other as stockist in the following way.
  • 'Add relation' with your pharmaceutical company (in your country) as ‘stockist’, 'sub-stockist', etc. Watch this 3 min video

  • Search for ‘products’ of various categories (Prescription, otc, natural, etc.) by clicking ‘store’ in menu. Search for ingredients combination or Fixed dose combination.
  • Add your ‘product requirement’ using ‘polls’.
  • Add jobs for pharmacists, representatives, salesmen, etc.
  • Search for “pharmacists nearby” using advanced option in profiles in menu.

2. For companies (marketing or manufacturing) and representatives

  • Create ‘individual’ (for yourself) and ‘non-individual’ (ex. company) accounts. Link your company account while creating it. Check the existence before creating.
  • Your stockists or dealers will connect with your company
  • Add your products or edit existing (only for manufacturers or marketing companies)
  • Add jobs for pharmacists, representatives, etc. in your company
  • Note: Representatives join easily and verify the presence or absence of products and add the products if required by contacting us.

3.     For everyone

  • Students can join and find jobs in pharmaceutical organizations.
  • Researchers or people in academy can connect (become friend) with peers. Add relation with organizations.
  • Find and Participate in events
  • Join professional associations
  • Add polls (single question at a time) or survey (‘’Form’’ with many questions that may be Multiple choice, Descriptive etc.) for tests, collecting information.
  • Contact us if you face problem, visit help sections.